Leveraging GIS for Better Traffic Management

At GIS Kernel, we leverage geospatial technologies to develop solutions for urban mobility issues in the cities and make informed decisions.

Creating intelligent transport system using GIS

Transportation industry has undergone several changes in the past decades and building an intelligent transport system using GIS is a dynamic process that involves continuous data collection, analysis, and optimization. By leveraging GIS technology and integrating real-time data, cities and transportation authorities can enhance mobility, reduce congestion, and improve the overall transportation experience for residents and visitors.

How GISKernel Empowers the Trasportation Sector

Design of routing networks

Using GIS, we can visualize the routes and their interaction with the surrounding environment. It is ideal for designing routing networks with hazardous cargo routes, overweight/oversized vehicle routes and general public routes. 

Driver monitoring

GeoAI-powered face detection and head pose estimation technology can alert drivers when fatigued or drowsy, preventing crashes and deaths. 

Incident detection

Since monitoring every single camera for unforeseen incidents is difficult, GeoAI is used to monitor and automatically detect incidents such as accidents, stalled vehicles and unusual traffic conditions. Location addresses can be used to raise alarms to emergency responders. 

Computer Vision-Powered Parking Management

Computer Vision and GIS can help maintain a real-time inventory of parked vehicles, measure the time they are parked, and identify available parking spots. In addition, a web application would guide drivers to available spaces 

Road condition monitoring & management

GeoAI can detect changes/damages, such as cracks or potholes on assets such as roads, pavements and bridges. This no longer requires citizens to report damages. It allows relevant authorities to take action and improve road maintenance. 

Travel Demand Forecasting

Analyzing the supply and demand traffic attributes using GeoAI explains why traffic exists in a location and allows prediction of transport demand. Integrating citizen data can give better planning of routes and predict demand 

Transforming Transportation with GIS Innovation


In Accident Detection

Computer Vision

Based Parking Management

Web Application

For Smart Traffic Management

Unlock the Potential of Your Transportation Business with GIS

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