Customizing ArcGIS Web App Builder with GISKernel

Web App Builder (WAB) for ArcGIS is an intuitive application that allows you to build 2D and 3D GIS apps without having to write a single line of code. WAB is designed with powerful tools to configure fully featured web responsive GIS apps.

ArcGIS WAB uses different elements to create apps including base maps, layers hosted in ArcGIS online, interactive pop-ups and widgets. Web App Builder helps and empowers non-GIS experts to make their own maps, by making it easier to develop a customized web app for their web maps.

ArcGIS by Esri, for WAB, is a top-rated and best platform for Geographic Information System (GIS).Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS can build applications as per your requirement and for any type of field in a short span of time.

You might ask if all this is done by WAB, what is it that GISKernel does? How do we help you?

The professionals at GISKernel provide numerous options to create your own application within the Web AppBuilder. We offer you the flexibility to create personalized themes and special widgets to change the aesthetics of maps in your app.

If there’s a Spatially Special way to do it, GISKernel serves as your best companion. We craft advanced version maps to supplement your projects with existing basemaps.

We will come back to how can we help you in a minute. First, let’s confer the advantages of WAB ArcGIS.

Benefits of ArcGIS WAB

Besides providing a user-friendly platform, here are some other benefits of ArcGIS Web AppBuilder:

  1. It doesn’t need a specific OS to operate, it can run on any operating system.
  2. The development time is considerably lower.
  3. It can run on any device, using the device’s own web browser, via a simple URL.
  4. It caters to a larger set of clients and customers.
  5. The branding process becomes easier; product or service knowledge is easily conveyed resulting in better business opportunities.
  6. It also provides easy accessible data management system for businesses.
  7. WAB proves to be really cost-efficient because you don’t have to start from scratch to build an app.

Creating Your Own App Using ArcGIS WAB

Your wish to create your very own app can easily be turned into reality through ArcGIS Web AppBuilder. And we, the GIS experts, are here to bridge this gap for you.

We,at GISKernel, can easily help you customize your own web app.

Though WAB is quite efficient and can help you design a customized webapp without making you go through the hassle of writing any codes, it can only be used as a base product. Additionally, it also tends to become a bit tedious due to its limited functionalities.

To add more functionality and customizations, there are 3 viable methods –

  1. You can add an already developed widget (made by the Esri GIS Community)
  2. Enhance a prevalent existing widget.
  3. Design and develop a new widget to fit your requirements.

GISKernel helps you design and integrate these functionalities for smooth functioning.We believe in crafting out of the box solutions by building 2D and 3D web apps by adding widgets or customizing themes.

A theme (UI / UX) can define a feel and a decent layout for an easier interface that can be fashioned to enhance user experience. These are available according to the user’s requirements. The outlook can be set as per your demand; any mood can be set as per your type of app. In this case, any type of map can be created for any country, for any commute or anything else specifically.

GISKernel has developed numerous panels based on customer requirements. Examples of these creative and inventive themes can be seen below.

Along with creating a customized side panel which gives all the functionalities at one place, we also change the look and feel of the map to impress our clients. The easy access to all functionalities at one place and the simplistic yet detailed designed look is what GISKernel excels in.

Within these apps, there are various customizable widgets as well, that can be inserted into the maps anywhere as per your setting or type of map. The widgets can be made responsive and communication can also be created. Users will also be able to navigate within the app easily through widgets.

For example, we have developed Advance layer list widget which has been developed keeping in mind all the possible capabilities a user can ask for. Multiple hierarchy, count of features, new look and feel, etc. It can also easily be configured like any other widget using setting window. Along with this it also communicates well with default layer list of WAB.

GISKernel has thorough knowledge of customization of WAB for a more user-friendly and captivating experience. Your idea of an app can easily come to life through GISKernel.

You can add the tools and maps of your liking that get active on the app for immediate accessibility. A vast variety of widgets and themes is provided to you that can help you shape the app for your liking.

Choose GISKernel to power your maps.
If it’s enhancing maps, it’s GISKernel.

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